Frequently Asked Questions

Services can be added* to primary services or purchased independently to enhance effectiveness.

  1. Grocery Store Tour 
  2. Ingredient & Nutrition Label Reading
  3. Pantry Purge & Kitchen Makeover
  4. Meal Plans
  5. Recipe Creation
  6. Menu Development
  7. Cooking & Tasting Demonstration
  8. Cooking & Tasting Courses

*Price reduction when added to a primary service.

Not yet. Coming soon are our Online Courses and Digital Meal Plans

Clients receive guidance in clarifying and establishing their vision, support in setting SMART goals and motivation as they strive to form new healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.

We are happy to work with clients via Online Conferencing like Zoom & Skype, Phone and Email. Office and in-home services are available in Sierra Leone & United States at different times of the year. We also travel within Africa and United States for special events and Asia & Europe on rare occasions.
Monday – Saturday 9:00 am GMT – 11:00 pm GMT Sunday 3:00 pm GMT – 9:00 pm GMT

We are experts and advisors in health-supportive cooking, eating & living.

We focus on prevention and continued wellness and work with clients actively seeking to improve or maintain their good health through a sustainable change in habits and lifestyle.

We affect this positive lifestyle behaviour change through guidance about food and eating, body and self awareness and food’s impact on your body. In promoting healthy food and nutrition practices, ETON Foods advises, educates, informs, explains, shares and yes, coaches clients on how to sustainably improve their health. We do not diagnose. We do not treat. We do not prescribe.

‘Your Digest’ is your go-to space for FREE practical and insightful information to help you on your healthy living journey. We share recipes, tips, wellness articles and more.

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Domain authentication reassures site users that they’re actually interacting with the site identified in the URL bar. Without SSL, online transactions would be vulnerable to interception by unauthorised parties.

SSL is most commonly used to protect communications between web browsers and servers. However, it is also used for server-to-server communications and for web-based applications.

So you are safe to enjoy the site knowing that your information is secure.

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How can my business benefit from working with ETON Foods?

Most thriving companies understand the importance of wellness programs for their success. ETON Seminars, Workshops and Group Coaching offer superb team building activities that result in not only more engagement, but happier, healthier, more focused and energised employees. As businesses and corporations depend on the health and wellness of their staff for increased and sustainable productivity, we partner with you on one project or a medium to long-term association as a support system to your business, optimising employee performance through practical, actionable health tips and lifestyle changes.

“…As businesses and corporations depend on the health and wellness of their staff for increased and sustainable productivity, we partner with you on one project or a medium to long-term association as a support system to your business…”

Which industries or sectors do you typically work in?

We work across different industries and sectors, including both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. No matter what category you fall into (corporations, health club, church, etc), we can design a program that is a perfect fit for your group.