“Her talk permanently increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I take in…”

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To support our work/life balance activities, we hired Muriel through a recommendation by our company doctor and we are so glad we did. We still apply some of her tips and for me, her talk permanently increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I take in. Muriel is very passionate about sharing information about healthy habits but her effectiveness was in her ability to break down the information with stories in a way the employees could understand and still remember to this day. She also designed the talk to fit the concerns we mentioned during the consultation so we went from a room reluctant to be there on a Saturday morning to a room fully engaged with questions and statements of confirmation within 30 seconds of her talk. The pictures and her descriptions left quite the impression. And of course, by the time she had us taste the smoothies she prepared in front of us, several of our employees were asking about more smoothie recipes and ways to tackle other concerns. The big change was that even after the talk, employees still discussed and practiced some of her suggestions—started drinking more water, actually made smoothies, brought more fruits and vegetables to work and just seemed more energetic. There was actually a long debate about the nutritional benefits of a few foods, Kanda, specifically. I also noticed that our staff started connecting any aches and pains to what they were eating. I can easily say the talk made a positive difference for our office—Muriel gave useful tips/guidelines that we continue to implement and our employees and I are so much better for it.

~ Michaella B, HR & Admin Manager, Total, Freetown, Sierra Leone

On my health session with ETON Foods, it was an eye opening experience and it has improved on the quality of my lifestyle. I now appreciate that locally grown organic foods are the best, as they posses a lot of nutrients absent in imported/processed foods. I now hardly buy processed/ imported food stuff. I appreciate fresh juice and smoothies including tombi, bissap etc. I take appropriate local fruits and veggies to prevent flu and heal from other health related challenges. And I still talk about it to other people—the difference it has made for me.

~Yvonne F, Freetown, Sierra Leone



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