Hydrate, constantly!

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Part 1 of 5 in Foundations of Great Health Series.

Like all choices in life, our dietary choices have lasting consequences. Each food we select either nourishes or deprives our bodies of requirements for optimal functioning, forging distinct pathways toward wellness or illness. I work with clients at varying levels of wellness who initially purport their busy schedules and lack of time as the deterrent in eating well despite knowledge of the ramifications. I used to marvel at our priorities— at the seemingly marginal value placed on healthy diets and the support we withhold from our bodies despite the bodies’ constant efforts at healing and restoring itself. And for a tiny fraction of individuals, this is true. Yet most people I meet and clients I work with are simply overwhelmed. They find it difficult and confusing to navigate the sometimes contradictory data on healthy eating and discern accurate information relevant to their own circumstances and goals. Others have some knowledge, but don’t know or have the tools to sustainably integrate it into their lifestyle and others want the results conveniently without having to immerse themselves.

So many studies reinforce good health as the unsung hero in all activities and its absence interrupts every plan, thus disregarding, diminishing its importance is not an option if a quality life is the objective. According to a study in the Journal of American Medical Association, it is undisputed that “when it comes to premature death and disease, what we eat ranks as the single most important factor.”

Yet the deluge of health issues (cardiovascular & other lifestyle diseases including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc) and deaths in societies around the world indicate a gap in effectively assimilating this information into our daily practices.

In putting healthy diet concepts into action, we can adopt a ‘Preventitude’ or Preventive Attitude Code starting with five simple adjustments over five weeks that require minimal effort and will never compromise enjoyment of food. If consistently practiced using the correct information & techniques, these codes can be effective in developing long-term habits that provide more energy to support us on our health journey. We will start with one a week and build upon those habits.

Preventitude Code #1

Hydrate. Constantly.

Involved in all metabolic processes, fluids through pure water, beverages and/or foods, transport nutrients and messages, regulates temperature, eliminates waste and much more for proper bodily function. As it makes up about 60-75% of our body mass, its absence causes our cells to wither and perish manifesting in immediate symptoms of fatigue, headaches, constipation, cramps and quickly snowballing to include an alarming slew of graver ailments. This essence literally gives us life.

Action Tips:

  1. Calculate your water intake in ounces by halving your weight in pounds. Ex: A 140 lbs woman should aim for 70 oz. daily and adjust based on her condition.
  2. Always carry a large bottle filled with clean, pure water or an electrolytic beverage.
  3. Add lime and/or ginger juice, if you desire, as it gives both a dose of Vit C and supports the detox & digestive organs. (Optional addition of different fruits to flavor and sweeten.)
  4. Consume fruits with high liquid content like jelly or watermelon.
  5. At first sign of fatigue, headache or irritability, drink water.
  6. If you’re drinking alcohol, also drink equal amounts of water.

Comment below on which actions you’ve started and your results…




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