“My ETON recommended diet has increased my energy levels…”

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ETON has proven to be a great revelation to me in terms of lifestyle and in particular my choice of diet, especially during working hours. Muriel helped me understand the positive and negative effects of food choices on my body and trained my cook on new ways to prepare my meals. My ETON recommended diet has increased my energy levels throughout the entire day, even on weekends and their methods have enhanced my thought process which is critical in my business, BDO.

I strongly recommend professionals use the ETON approach and principles to food for a healthier lifestyle and even with long hours at the office, I am able to control my weight.

~ Brinsley J, Partner, BDO Accounting Firm, Freetown, Sierra Leone

After seeing the impact Muriel had on my partner at our Accounting Firm, she conducted a couple of presentations at the office. She was very passionate, knowledgeable and pointed out areas in which we could increase our office productivity by adopting healthier habits. I am always busy so my adoption of these practices was not immediate.

Yet her talk was so engaging and her belief so strong that I did not forget about the direct link between healthy practices and office productivity. It has now been over a year and I can easily say that since those presentations, after applying the tips she gave us on making changes, my habits have drastically improved and I feel better. Now I include jelly (coconut water) in my morning breakfast, I eat fruits at the office, I enjoy grilled meats with vegetables for lunch and in the evening eat as I please. Muriel encouraged us to never deprive ourselves and because of these tips, I am able to eat everything I want relatively healthily in the evenings and feel satisfied.

What surprised me is that I still eat a lot of the same things but because my portions and proportions are different, I get some of the results I want. She talked about the importance of fitness and inspired us to fast-track a gym project construction that had been on standstill for employees. We see the benefits and there has been a noticeable culture shift to embrace healthy habits with more fruits and water drunk around the office instead of the exclusive sweets and soft drink in the past. I can definitely say I have increased energy.

I am not as fatigued as I was and where I felt my health deteriorating in the past, I just feel better and less tired. By taking on these habits, avoiding late heavy meals and eating enough and healthily during the day, I have also lost some excess weight. Like she says, it is all about small changes day by day—progress not perfection and these changes have had a positive impact.

~ Samuel N, Managing Partner, BDO Accounting Firm, Freetown, Sierra Leone



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