Ode to Avocado

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Sometimes breakfast is really just this simple and easy. Wisdom suggests moderation in consuming these nutrient dense fruits as they are high in calories and good fats but I have them whenever I want with a variety of meals— everything from savories to sweets. These delicious fruits are my constant go-to because of their undisputed nutritional benefits and utter deliciousness. The best avocados I’ve had have been in Sierra Leone. We call them piya (pear). There are different varieties but I tend to consume 3 types rather regularly-one out of necessity.

First, there is the eggy variety which is so lush and soo yum and has this distinct flavor of egg yolks. Then there is the rain season piya, abundant during the rains per its name and a shameful disappointment as it promises all of the deliciousness of its counterparts and resolutely fails to deliver with its diluted flavor and actual water seeping from it when sliced. But you love avocado and so really you have no choice. You must have it. You reluctantly settle. You settle and scan yourself with all the indignity and disgust you can muster from your current low circumstances. But you’re an addict so you feed your condition and pray a change is coming.

And then the rains recede and dry Season, having heard your cries ushers in great bounty. Many piyas show up to this party. The thrill is real. What to do? How to choose? But as the excitement dwindles, and as life often dictates, when you know who you are, choices are simple. There really was never a choice to make as one piya stands apart from the rest. Buttah piya all day. Every. Single. Day. So so so good. Buttery. Creamy. Flavorful. It’s like cow butter, but better. So much better. And you’re a butter fiend so this time with nature’s butter is pure ecstasy. You are grateful.




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