Our Story

- Muriel (ETON Foods Founder)

“…We have developed processes that help clients break unhealthy habits and maintain health-supportive habits…”

Muriel is a Holistic Nutritionist, Health-Supportive Chef, Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker & Consultant for ETON Foods that splits time between Africa & North America.

ETON Foods emerged from Muriel’s lifelong passion for food, nutrition & health, her challenges with the effects of poor quality foods and the significant impact of health-supportive foods in her life.

Driven by these experiences, wellness education and her profound belief and understanding that food is the foundation to be and function at your best, ETON Foods helps women and men improve their eating habits, achieve their health goals and create the lives they imagine with a daily practice of simple, sustainable habits.

Guided by her own intellectual curiosity and a deep desire to provide optimal support to clients, Muriel devours information through different mediums—constantly questioning, experimenting and most importantly, studying the latest research and science to determine the best approach to your specific concern.

This continuous education, with a foundation of over 2600 hours as a staigiare and student at a NYC Health-Supportive Culinary School, Natural Gourmet Institute, gives the ETON Foods team the tools to provide tailored and effective recommendations based not only

on our education and experience with clients but also the client’s personal history, their current heath status, preferences, goals and more.

ETON Foods has developed processes that help clients break unhealthy habits and maintain health-supportive habits that improve the corresponding ailments. These processes painlessly guide clients to:

  • Transition to Healthy Eating
  • Improve their Gut & Digestive Health
  • Apply Beauty & Skincare Principles from the Inside Out
  • Increase their Energy
  • Maintain Healthy Habits after Healing & Recovery
  • Reduce Sugar & Embrace an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle
  • Sustain Health-Supportive Weight Loss

And we do so welcoming all eaters including vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, gluten-free, paleo lifestyles & more and equip them to eat at their best in different environments. Woven into ETON Foods’ protocol is the use of the highest quality real, whole, unprocessed, seasonal, local and mostly plant-based foods, organic, when possible, with wild seafood and pasture-raised, organic meats.

The ETON Foods team deeply enjoys cooking, eating, and is extremely passionate about meal innovation and these health-supportive ingredients enable us to create flavourful, nutrient-dense, clean dishes with unexpected twists that delight your palate. Watching the surprise on clients’ faces when they realise how tasty healthy foods can be is a particular pleasure. 

A plate of freshly grilled lobster

“…We welcome all eaters including vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, gluten-free, paleo lifestyles & more…”

Through our Coaching, Speaking & Consulting Programs, ETON Foods offers holistic, natural, health-supportive solutions that are practical and actionable in a relaxed, structured manner with an optimistic focus on continuous improvement from your place of need regardless of the setting. Through this process, clients understand core ETON Foods concepts, including body awareness and culinary techniques and tricks that empower them to govern their own health and improve their lifestyles. 

ETON Foods’ focus remains inspiring clients and audiences alike to eat healthier and be healthier and we look forward to supporting you on your healthy eating journey.

Where We Work

We are happy to work with clients via Online Conferencing, Phone and Email. Office and in-home services are available in Sierra Leone & United States at different times of the year.

International Travel

On special occasions, The ETON Foods Team is available for travel within Africa, Asia, North America & Europe.

How We Work

ETON Foods is dedicated to reinforcing the impact of health-supportive foods on our bodies and how they shape our lives. We are committed to sharing information and practical tips that can positively transform the lives of everyone interested. We are based in two continents and serve individuals, groups and businesses around the world. Our clients are usually interested in practical tips and training to seamlessly incorporate healthy eating into their healthy living.

We welcome ALL eaters and tailor solutions that make it easy for our clients to reach their food and health related goals. From One-on-One and Group Coaching, to Speaking with Cooking Demonstrations and Tastings, Workshops and Seminars, we are ready and excited to meet clients at different areas of needs and guide them to their goals with modern scientific principles fused with traditional methods for innovative and very tasty meals.


For personal and professional benefit, we stay abreast of the newest research in food, health and science, including the newest findings on personalised nutrition, to bring clients the best information that will serve and guide toward their goals. Even as we are anchored by modern scientific evidence, we also learn from principles inspired by the nourishing traditions from the healthiest diets around the world, including The Sierra Leonean Diet, per a Cambridge funded study published in The Lancet Global Health journal.

The pillars of ETON services include:

  • We create mostly plant-based, gluten free recipes and tailor to fit your needs
  • We use an abundance of fresh, minimally processed, local, seasonal, and organic produce whenever possible; and organic or wild meats always
  • We ensure a diversity in ingredients, cooking methods, texture, temperature, taste & color in our meals
  • We welcome all lifestyle diets and include all food groups, as necessary, in relevant amounts.
  • We require deliciousness in all meals and expertly coax out inherent flavours while maximising nutrition value to ensure enjoyment by clients
  • We make recommendations based on individual profiles including current status, history, preferences and needs and if necessary, we develop your awareness of your body’s signals
  • We apply a strict ‘No Yagba’ policy meaning minimal stress and a seamless incorporation of these concepts into your cooking and life.