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Change Your Eating - Change Your Life

We develop realistic ideas and methods that make sense for you, can meet you where you are and can easily fit into to YOUR life.

We give you clear, simple steps on how to implement these tailored-for-YOU ideas.

We make this a pleasant process with flavourful meals so that it can be a sustainable lifestyle that will empower you through knowledge about food and your body in a relaxed yet structured atmosphere.

Who We Are & What We Do.

ETON Foods is a Healthy Food & Nutrition business that teaches & trains groups on evidence-based, practical, actionable solutions to look better, feel better and improve the quality of their lives. Through Speaking & Consulting engagements including seminars, workshops & more, ETON Foods offers clients Sierra-Leone-inspired holistic, natural concepts that revitalise their relationships with food and help establish, develop & maintain health-supportive habits that stick.

Our Services.


Practical, actionable food and nutrition tips and techniques to form healthy eating habits.


Advisory services, meticulous planning and organizing of personal and corporate events.


Goal specific one-on-one or group strategies & intervention to help you reach your targets.

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The ETON Way.

‘Change Your Eating - Change Your Life’



Conscious, simple, holistic cooking and eating concepts using the highest quality real, seasonal & local produce to form easy, health-supportive habits and create nourishing, clean, innovative & tasty meals that support your path towards the healthiest YOU.

Science & Tradition

We analyse conflicting ideologies, fuse relevant ancient & traditional culinary concepts with modern scientific evidence for a path to healthy eating that is seamless, enjoyable & easily integrated into your lifestyle in a way that supports your personal constitution & goals with flexibility for life changes.


Mindful of the quality & quantity of foods consumed & becoming more aware of your body while gratefully embracing its responses & reactions as the guide to inform your food decisions resulting in a health-supportive culinary life that is exciting, diverse, flavourful & elicits a more vibrant, present & happier YOU.

Taste & Culture

Sierra Leonean flavours, ingredients, culinary traditions and way of life inspire our principles on contemporary healthy eating and living, anchored by no yagba (no stress) cooking and lifestyle, to produce decadent, nourishing, tasty meals and one-of-a-kind beverages.


Freedom from strict reliance on recipes & diets by integrating your past culinary profile—heritage, health goals, experiences & more—with essential cooking and eating concepts to create your personalised, dynamic, culinary system that is impactful, optimises wellness and invigorates you to function at YOUR best.

Our Popular Offerings.

(Family, Friends, Social Clubs etc) & Businesses (Colleagues etc)

Guidance to Healthy Eating for those who share a primary health concern, learn better in a group setting, have a trusted team that wants a more affordable coaching option.

3 Sessions per Month 4-6 Month Commitment
  • 3 - 6 Participants
  • Requires Initial Consultation
  • Online or In-Person

(Businesses, Institutions, Government Agencies etc)

Simple changes and practical, actionable advice to reinvigorate this audience and support them in performing at optimal levels with the demands and challenges of their busy lifestyles.

Single, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual or Customised Sessions
  • No. of Participants can vary
  • Contact us to assess needs
  • Online or In-Person

Full of whole, local, seasonal produce, these gluten-free, mostly plant-based meal plans provide structured guidance for a generally healthy person/family transitioning to healthier eating. 

Comes with; Meal Plan, Ingredients Shopping List and Recipes. You must be comfortable with cooking.

1 week, 2 week or 1 month plan

  • No. of Participants can vary
  • Email

Customised, relaxed but structured guidance in achieving a health goal or addressing a specific concern. Flexible Exploration or Ongoing Maintenance without commitment.

Weekly Sessions

  • 1 - 6 Participant(s)
  • Requires Initial Consultation
  • Online, Phone or In-Person

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