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For events like weddings, birthdays and more celebrations where delicious food is a must, give yourself and your guests the gift of health.

ETON Foods consults on food, recipes, cooking, menu preparation, presentation and more. We work intimately with your event planner and caterer to deliver opulent, decadent meals that satisfy both your palate and health needs while stunning your guests with stylish presentations and intense flavour, energizing you to enjoy the night.

“…We work intimately with your event planner and caterer to deliver opulent and decadent meals…”


Our Advisory Services provide expert recommendations on Food, Healthy Eating/Living, Small to Medium Food Establishments and/or referrals as necessary to support Organisations in achieving Corporate Wellness  Goals and strengthening their workforce. We advise:


  • Established Businesses on adding food and/or wellness components to their organisations.
  • Converting Businesses to incorporate health-supportive components and so much more.
“…We design plans that are easily integrated into work cultures, tailored to a specific industry for both short and long term success…”


In addition to the services offered to non-food businesses we offer the following:

  • Creating Health Supportive Menu Options in New Businesses.
  • Revamping the Menu to include Health Supportive Options in Established Businesses.

For both food and non-food based organisation looking to develop health and wellness policies and systems, we design plans that are easily integrated into their work culture, tailored to a specific industry for both short and long term success. Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Advising Organisations on health supportive offerings for employees and associates
  • Designing and Supporting Institutional Culture Shift to include healthier habits
  • Development of Organisational Healthy Eating or Living & Wellness Policies
  • Work Canteen or Pantry Restructure
  • Healthy Vibrant Menu Design for Special Occasions
  • Organisational CSR on Healthy Eating & Living

Case Study

“I was hired by the Owner of The Cube Restaurant, Sierra Leone to help her create a one of a kind restaurant experience. With my culinary knowledge, passion and expertise and her vision and experience of already running a restaurant, we set about the process of setting up a fine dining restaurant in the center of downtown Freetown, Sierra Leone. From our trips to Germany & Italy for equipment and to Senegal to choose the right chef, I stayed by her and provided accurate food and industry data to make informed decisions every step of the way. From setting up processes to screen, hire and train the dining staff, to designing and writing menu descriptions, choosing staff uniforms and more, I supported her in every single aspect and was flexible to ensure we remained true to her original ideas while incorporating new and improved one that would best bring her vision to life.”Muriel Samuels (ETON Foods Founder)

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…I met Muriel through the recommendation of a business colleague and from the onset her knowledge and passion for healthy foods left an indelible impression on my mind. Her passion and interest were in line with my vision yet her commitment to her consultancy was maintained… READ MORE

~ Mariama S, Owner, The Cube, Freetown, Sierra Leone