” I used to drink at least a can of soft drink a day…”

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In my life, growing up I was always the slim one. Weight was never my problem but after having my kids I noticed I had put on so much weight I needed to loose some. I tried various diets. They were successful for a while but did not last. Then a friend introduced me to ETON Foods and I decided to join the group. The first thing I learnt from the group was that in order to be healthy I must eat healthy foods and eating healthy was not about a dieting but I needed a lifestyle change and there my amazing journey started.

After I joined the group, we started a series of challenges. The first one was the water challenge and for me it was a tough one mostly because I am not a water person and in this challenge I was required to drink water first thing in the morning and throughout the day. I was one of the last people to start but I was challenged by the actions of others and the changes they saw so I started. Soon I initiated my husband and then my kids. It was amazing.

I had a bit of nausea in the beginning but that soon passed and I began to enjoy it. I soon found out I used the bathroom often and I had free and daily bowel movements. This is key for me because sometimes I go a day or two or more without using the toilet. But after I started the challenge I noticed that every morning I visited the bathroom. I also began to learn about the effects of sugar on my body and I used to drink at least a can of soft drink a day. However, when I started this challenge, because I drank so much water and I gained knowledge about the effects of sugar on my body, I slowly reduced my intake of sugar. Today I only drink soft drinks at parties and mostly I can’t finish a can at a time. My husband also picked up the habit and slowly it became a family thing and my kids joined the fun. One of the challenges I faced at that time was taking my bottle into public gathering but I soon overcame that and now it just comes naturally.

We graduated from water and sugar challenge and progressed to the no artificial seasoning challenge. There I learnt how to actually cook without using some of these seasonings with chemical ingredients and I just needed to make my own blend by mixing my own seasonings. I also learnt the proportion of what I should eat for my goals in terms of carbs, fats, proteins and veggies. I also had to change the way I eat from a little leafy sauce for my rice to a lot more sauce and reduce the portion of rice and I still felt full and very satisfied. I was also made very conscious of the ingredient labels of the food stuff I buy and I learnt that most times what it says on the bold print is different from what it actually contains. This was a very big learning point for me and it has made me highly conscious of the ingredients in the foods I give to my family and myself. Now my family has gone from eating rice every day to eating rice occasionally. As for the learning seminars, they are always an eye opener.

On the whole ETON has completely changed the way my family and I view food and has given us a new lens through which we plan, prepare and cook what we eat. In our home our fruits and veggies intake has greatly increased and our sugar intake has reduced drastically. I have learnt how to make new food like coconut oil, different flavors like incorporating fruits in my meals like making mango chicken. It’s been a very exciting and impactful journey so far and the lessons are endless. Am still in the learning process but this journey has changed my life in ways I never dreamt of.

~ Andrea K, Freetown, Sierra Leone




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