Health and Nutrition Speaking

Muriel is available for speaking engagements and healthy cooking demos. Using relatable suggestions, science-based information & optimistic humor, she conducts presentations, seminars and workshops on healthy eating and tailors the theme of her talks to suit your audience’s needs.

Her knowledge and passion raises awareness of the impact of daily food choices and inspires and motivates audiences to take control of their health by being intentional about the foods they eat.

She knows foods heal, and learning and implementing simple habits can spur us to not only become healthier and more present, but empower us to make changes in other areas of our lives. Through practical, actionable advice, the cumulative effects of these changes can help you meet your goals for healthy eating & ultimately healthy living.

– Muriel Samuels (ETON Foods Founder)

“…learning and implementing simple habits can spur us to not only become healthier and more present, but empower us to make changes in other areas of our lives… the cumulative effects of these changes can help you meet your goals for healthy eating & ultimately healthy living…”

Corporate Health & Wellness Seminar

Muriel conducts Corporate Health and Wellness Seminars with an option for Healthy Cooking Demos. Given her past work in Investment Banking, she deeply understands and identifies with the demands and challenges of workers in Corporate environments.

She is quite passionate about sharing simple changes and practical, actionable advice to reinvigorate this particular audience and support them in performing at optimal levels.

As always, she tailors the theme of her talks to suit audience’s needs in a way that makes healthy living more easily achievable.

Who Can Benefit

Businesses & Organisations

That want healthier and more productive employees with tips and techniques to eat healthily for a more sedentary lifestyle, improved energy and focus.

Educational Institutions

Enrich your curriculum & energise your students with presentations on establishing healthy habits on campus on a student budget and foods that can help students excel during exams.

Food or Cooking Event

Demonstrating easy, healthy recipes and discussing their nutritional benefits based on event theme with opportunity for tastings by participants.

Girl's & Women's Events

Tips, techniques and tools to start or continue your healthy eating journey including using food as medicine and eating for inner and outer beauty.

Government Organisations

That want healthier employees who get sick less often and are more alert to perform daily activities and make clear decisions when working under pressure.

Fitness & Dance Studio

Bonus event to provide information, how to and quick recipes that encourage clients to continue healthy lifestyles beyond physical activities.

Private Clinic or Hospital

Doctor offering presentation and cooking demo on healthy foods and their impact on healthy habits or for condition-specific event.

Social Clubs & Organisations

Enriching members with fundamentals of healthy cooking presentation and/or cooking demo targeted to specific club concern.

Food & Nutrition Speaking Topics

(Cooking Demo Optional with tailored Recipes to Support the Topic)
Muriel at the Donerry Elegance Makeup Launch Discussing Tips & Habits for Healthier Skin
  • Goodbye Dieting! Creating Healthy Habits that Last
  • Feeding your Family: Creating Healthy, Tasty Meals for Vegans, Gluten-Free Dieters, Omnivores and More at the Very Same Table
  • Beauty from Within: Easy Food & Health Habits for Radiant Skin & Vibrant Lifestyle
  • Food and Your Mood: How your Eating Influences your Behaviour and How You Can Reclaim Control
  • Fatigue Be Gone! Improve Your Energy, Recharge Your Life!
  • Performance Foods: Foods that Help you Perform at your Best for Specific Concerns, Goals and Events (Busy, stressful Periods, Demanding Jobs, Exams, Weddings etc)
  • Clean Eating: What does this mean? Why and how do YOU do it?
  • Beyond Marketing: Profound Power of Reading Ingredient Labels and How it Can Save Your Time & Health

Past Corporate Clients & Appearances

"...You see, we normally peel and squeeze out the juice and throw away the fiber or ‘gut’. Muriel insisted that every part of the fruit is important, the peels, fibre, juice and seeds. Nowadays, our kids cherish digging into the oranges and separating the wedges. It serves us an extra benefit, enhancing their motor skills..."
"...Ms. Samuels helped us consider how culture, tradition, gastronomy and clean eating can be intentionally incorporated in the broader discussion on global health in ways that it empowers people and their communities, renders their humanity visible and doesn’t take away from their culture..."
"...Muriel's take on food and healthy lifestyle does not crucify someone; it convinces you to change..."
"...Muriel encouraged us to never deprive ourselves and because of these tips, I am able to eat everything I want relatively healthily in the evenings and feel satisfied. What surprised me is that I still eat a lot of the same things but because my portions and proportions are different, I get some of the results I want..."
"...She also designed the talk to fit the concerns we mentioned during the consultation so we went from a room reluctant to be there on a Saturday morning to a room fully engaged with questions and statements of confirmation within 30 seconds of her talk..."