“The water challenge was interactive and educational.”

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ETON Foods is a blessing in every way. It is one thing to have an idea about something but to implement and practise can be challenging. So ETON is that trigger to help me effectively apply healthy habits. Something as simple as ETON techniques to force me to drink sufficient water and fluids has made a surprising difference. The water challenge was interactive and educational. From the water to reducing sugar and meals plans, the results and changes for me are no more constipation, colour of my urine is lighter, my portion of food is  naturally less because I feel full with more energy. This has helped me control my weight after I had my baby. For me, the water challenge was the foundation of starting my healthy lifestyle and am grateful for the benefits gained especially for the differences I have seen in my kids as well. ETON gave me tools to actually make these habits stick.

~ Mayonin B, Freetown, Sierra Leone

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