“This has been the most practical and informative nutritional talk I’ve listened to…”

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True though. Study the way our parents and grands eat. They will even travel with their wholesome brown rice flour or amala to cook it. So nutritious. Thank you Muriel.

~ Freda M, Lagos, Nigeria

True. In the past, I noticed whenever I consumed cakes, ice cream…I will notice signs of throat itching, swollen lymph nodes beside the ear and sometimes catarrh all of which are pointers to inflammation. so I had to be deliberate about limiting sugar intake. Thank you so much Muriel for this eye opening session. Loved every minute of it! We appreciate your time and knowledge. You were amazing tonight. You killed it. Has to be a lifestyle for it to be sustainable.

~ Lola O, Lagos, Nigeria

This is so well explained. Thanks Muriel.

~ Chioma E, Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

~ Esther C, Abuja, Nigeria

I found this session highly informative so thanks so much. Makes a lot of sense, thank you

~ Eni O, Lagos, Nigeria

Thanks Muriel, quite an eye opener.

~ Olere I, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

So grateful Muriel.

~ Blessing A, Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you Muriel. This has been the most practical and informative nutritional talk I’ve listened to in a while. Many nutritional talks seem to all just have the same fad/trending content, but yours was different. and very real too.

~ Oluwaseyi K, Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you so much Muriel and ETON Foods. This has been very insightful and you broke everything down in a concise and easy to understand way.

~ Ekaette E, Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you Muriel at ETON Foods for the lovely session. You are really passionate at what you do. And you gave us all and more. No holding back. May God give you more knowledge as you share. And a Bountiful harvest in your endeavours! It shall be well with you!

~ Prisca O, Abuja, Nigeria

Thank you Muriel. You rock! Started the session but had to tend to some things so I am just catching up. I am actually a sugar addict. All your explanations about sugar make so much sense now. I had bad sugar cravings since my last pregnancy. My baby is 9 months old now and I still crave fizzy drinks and cookies. And sincerely, I am feeling the repercussions. I feel so unhealthy, tired , irritable and I hardly ever want to eat real food! I felt like your message was for me. Seriously trying to cut down on sugar so help me God, one substitute at a time. Thank You so much , your passion is contagious and your voice is beautiful.

~ Sekinah A, Lagos, Nigeria




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